Hey Mama👋🏾

I’m Fathiya – mom to a toddler and newborn (yep, I went for the double trouble “two under two” situation!). Let me tell you, this motherhood journey has been one wild ride so far!

Before we hop on the mom train, let me give you a little background. For eight years, I was a multi-passionate entrepreneur all about digital marketing and community-building life. I built a community of over 72,000 members on Clubhouse with my Digital Marketing Lounge, have 35,000+ Instagram followers, an intimate Facebook group, and even a podcast called She Wins Podcast with over 30,000 listeners. Building communities and talking marketing strategy? That was my jam!

But then…I became a mom. And everything changed in the most beautiful way possible. When my daughter arrived, this overwhelming, all-consuming love just washed over me. Suddenly, being a “mom” became my top priority.

I’m a Mother First

As moms, our babies rewrite everything. Our hopes, fears, and priorities – all realign through the lens of these tiny beings who demand everything we’ve got. Every ounce of our energy, each decision and sacrifice stems from an all-encompassing need to nurture their fragile lives.

Motherhood by far becomes our greatest priority even as we pour out our souls into mothering, we can’t neglect to refill our cups. It’s an eternal balancing act – nurturing our families while nurturing our well-being, ambitions, and sense of self. Whether it’s pursuing a creative passion, building a business, or simply carving out pockets of “me time,” we must keep refilling that vessel so we can truly show up, fully present, for our loved ones.

A Holistic Approach for Modern Moms

Look, I get it – being a modern mom requires soo much energy. Nurturing your kids while pursuing your passions? Raising confident kids, caring for yourself, and building a business or career? It’s an incredible balancing act, but that’s exactly why Mum Chapters takes a holistic approach.

Here, we’re creating a sacred place tailored to the multifaceted lives of mamas like you. A holistic place packed with:

    • Parenting Wisdom to raise happy, thriving children while enjoying the ride (not just surviving!)

    • Powerful Self-Care Rituals to nourish your mind, body, and soul so you can be the best version of yourself

    • Entrepreneurial Guidance for mompreneurs to start, grow, and scale businesses alongside raising a family

    • A Vibrant Community of like-minded mamas walking the same empowering journey, chapter by chapter

Mum Chapters provides a holistic approach, permitting you to boldly claim your many identities – as a mom, entrepreneur, wellness seeker, and more. To embrace the mess and the magic.

My Mission

My mission? To be your biggest cheerleader through it all. The supportive voice whispering “You’ve got this” on the hard days and reminding you not to shelve dreams just because you’re a mom now.

That’s why Mum Chapters was born – to equip you with the holistic toolkit and support system to thrive in every chapter.

Join the Journey

So come join us, sister. The path ahead may wind and weave, but we’ll walk it together through the highs, lows, and everything in between. Celebrating modern motherhood, one beautiful, messy, incredible holistic chapter at a time

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